For using BorgLib you need a supported synthesizer, a proper midi interface and a computer with Windows and of course BorgLib installed.

BorgLib uses midi sysex (system exclusive) messages to transfer the sound parameters between the synthesizer and the computer. Since not all synthesizers are built alike the functionality may differ somewhat but BorgLib strives to keep it pretty much the same for all synths and flavours.

Basic features

Single sound transfer (Get/Send Patch)
Full bank transfer (Get/Send Bank)
Rearrange bank (Copy, Paste, Delete, Rename, Sort)
Preview sound without saving on synth
Save/Open to/from disk (of course)
Export/Import to/from .syx and .mid files

and more

Extended features

Now, BorgLib is not really an editor but is does sport some fun with the morph feature.

Two patches (or sounds) gets morphed by taking the parameters from one patch, comparing it to another patch and randomly select a parameter value inbetween those two to create a third patch. And it can generate a whole bank with just a couple of clicks, ready for preview.

You can tweak the two patches you're going to use and with that control the degree of morphing.

You can easily create namelists (or patchlists as they are called in Cubase) for use with your sequencer software if it can handle it. Or you can print it for an easy overview.

More tools
There are some tools built-in for those interested that helps you send midi messages and see what messages are sent by the device you're using. There are also some tools for checking hexadecimal values in text.

In BorgLib, just right-click for quick access to the popup menu and almost all features.